About Me

I was awarded my Associateship of the British Institute of Professional Photographers in 1969 in Industrial, Commercial and Advertising Photography. I set up and ran a general photographic department for a large Local Authority  in the Midlands for 13 years before needing a change to a more creative environment and moving to an Advertising Studio for another 7 years. Eventually I decided to try working for myself and started Mike Wyatt Photography.

For a few years around the turn of the Millennium I fell out of love with the camera and decided to indulge my other passion, building databases for clients that ranged from Automated publishing systems for magazine production, CRM systems for Clients in many different fields, the only common factor between any of them was that they were cross platform Mac and PC and hence were built in FileMaker Pro. I still do this today (it keeps the brain remarkably active1) although I have regained my original love of the camera as well, the difference these days is, I only deal with photography that I actually enjoy doing (if you can claim that standing on a touchline in winter with an effective temperature of -7 and horizontal snow is enjoyment!)


Mike Wyatt ABIPP